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Victory Motorcycle shut down
1998 to 2017 RIP

The letter from Polaris managment.  Link
I will post a better copy when I can get one


Prototype Victory water cooled engine being used on the 2015 Pike Peaks 156  Link

Are these Victory mules  Pic1  Pic 2

Concept water cooled XC models   Link

2015   Line  Up
  New the Magnum and Gunner but being dropped are the Cross Roads, and Jackpot.
The Judge and Broadwalk are still on the UK list.

Water cooled Vic on the way? c/o Motor Cycle


Grizzly Race Team on a Cross Country
Winter Race from Bern to Vladivostok 2014


2014   Line  Up
  No New Models this year just a few different paint jobs, but the Hard Ball has been dropped.

New forum link below      Sept 2013

Lake & Locks Tour 26th-29th April 2013 Link

Vince Jonecko   R.I.P.   my friend   Sept 2012 Link

Article about Indian from Cyril Huze Sept 12 Link
The Boardwalk new model for 2013

New Victory Motorcycles Logo for 2013 Link

New Digital version of the Spring Victory Rider Mag can be found on the Vic USA site at     Community/Events

Dealer now open in Beijing 12th May 2012
The Story of Victory Tarten by Slob Bag Link

Vic review article posted in the AMOC mag Link

The Judge new model for 2013 Link
The Cafe Racer 2012 Link
Hard Ball is released for delivery in the 2012 Link
Custom swinging arm from SMC in Austria

The High Ball is now for sale in the UK Oct 2011
Silverstone Dealer closes
Oct 2011

Review of 2012 Victory Models Link

Review of 2012 Cross Country Tour Link

Polaris buy Indian Motorcycles

UK  VRA 2011 Events Calender Link
New Victory Dealers in France  link
The 2012 Victory High Ball is released for USA delivery in April 2011  link
Victory Store opens in Sydney link
Blades 10th-13th June 2011 Lake & Lochs Tour  link
Victory Rally in Austria June 2011  link
Stratstone Claycross closed it doors in Nov 2010
Sideways Dorset has closed its doors 30th OctNew Victory Dealer Foundry Motorcycles in
Canterbury open day 18th Sept  link
Invitation to Dealer open day 18th Sept in Sande
Northern Germany  link
Review of 2011 Victory Models  link

Victory Club website in Germany  link
New Victory dealer Styrian Motor Cycle in
Southern Austria   link
Victory Motorcycles Newcastle a New Vic dealer Link
Silverstone Motorcycles a New Vic dealer Link
Windy Corner a New Vic dealer Link
Victory Riders Association First Rally at MFN, Shipley Gate, Notts
This has been postponed  

All Victory Riders have been invited to the RBLR Iron Butt run for the Poppy Appeal c/o Monty a V92C rider Link

Adventure Xtreme a new Vic dealer in Glasgow Link
2010 Victory Cross Country Road Test Link
Traveling round the world on 70 year old motorcycle. 750 cc in-line 4 cylinder. Link

Forum upgrade on this site for UK Victory Riders Link

New Victory Owners club in Scotland
Dealers in Germany are now getting stock  link Victory Concept models pictures   link
2010 Models announced

Victorys Crossroads & Crosscountry new models link

Article about Cross Roads and Country link

Germany dealer in Sande to open in Sept 2009 link

Victory increase UK prices from July 09Blade Motorcycles  a new Vic dealer in Swindon  

P&H Motorcycles  a new Vic dealer in West Sussex   link

Vic Core Concept Motorcycle   

Updated uk Victory Motorcycles  website  link
Vic News down under in Australia

Vic dealer in South Africa link

Vic's to be sold in Germany from the
Second half of 2009 link

2009 Models announced link

2  Visions Tour the World, Bums on Bikes link

Vic News down under in Australia link

Vic's to be sold in Australia and NZ link

Victorys move in to Russia link

If you live along the South Coast Victory riders are welcome to the Moonies Loonies MCC   link
They meet every other Thursday night at the
Marquis of Granby Pub Sompting

2005   VRA UK trip to France and Costa Brava
Many thanks to VRA UK for the trip

Select here for the story

2005   Dave Tinkers trip to the Sahara on a V92SC

Select here for the story

Know you Vic
A short history of the Victory Motorbike part 1
& part 2

First Victory in Europe 1999
Select here for the story