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The Vegas 03

A motorcycle named after the city that never sleeps? No, um…that was New York! Anyways, whatever the relevant song was...
The Vegas saw a major styling departure from the V92 series, designed by Michael Song benefiting as it did from input by custom bike guru, Arlen Ness and Cory, his son.

The Vegas had ‘proper chopper' styling, with a skinny 21” front wheel allied to a chubbier 18” rear. The fuel tank had scalloped sides, and a ‘split-tail' the back was v-shaped. Don't you love marketing speak? Along with smaller sidepanels and mudguards than the V92, this gave the Vegas a much sleeker more flowing look.

If the V92C was a supertanker, then the Vegas is a luxury yacht! At the heart of the machine was the latest version of the Freedom engine and the Brembo brakes and Marzocchi forks, fitted to Victorys from day one, carried on with the new bike as well.

Something must have gone right, as the Vegas picked up several awards throughout 2004.

Vegas out at the Victoria Pub

The Kingpin 04

So what to do next? Sit back on your laurels with a self-congratulatory smile? Or have a word with the nice Ness gentlemen again, and see if their design flair can come up with some else a bit special.

Have a guess, go on. Yup, laurel sitting is not something they go in for over at Spirit Lake. They gave the Vegas an 18” front wheel, upside down forks (or ‘inverted cartridge' if you're from over the pond) rider's footboards and huuuge mudguards: the Kingpin had arrived.

Arlen Ness is a great fan of the totally O.T.T. American cars of the late Sixties, and early Seventies, big fins, sweeping wheel-arches and all. It's not hard to see that influence in the Kingpin's design; to be honest the Kingpin style tends to polarise people, you either love it or hate it. Me I'm really not sure (but Steve, what bike are you riding now? Yes, a Kingpin), however a lot of people are sure, cos the Kingpin start earning its plaudits almost as quickly as the Vegas did.


Look at those Mudguards (fenders to some of you)

Now, at this point, Victory had decide to run down production of the last of the V92C based machines, the new range taking the Vegas as its styling cue. But, there was as yet, no equivalent of the V92 Touring Cruiser (big screen, plush seat, longer swingarm, hard luggage and is still in Victory's catalogue for 2005) a big seller in the U.S.

So take a Kingpin; fit a big screen, a set of lower air deflectors, wider driver seat, and a set of panniers. Voila, Kingpin Tourer! Hmmm, OK, so it's not quite in the same vein as the old TC, but it will suffice till the real replacement arrives.


Kingpin Tourer

Also with the Vegas and Kingpin, Victory have gone a bit more radical with the paint styles available, right from plain silver, black or red, through two-tones, to some gorgeous tribal styling. Oh, and if you ever see either a Vegas or Kingpin with lots of Ness components, and a black cherry paint job that you just want to lick, that would be an Arlen Ness Signature series.

Very rare, very exclusive, very not being brought into the UK me thinks.

The 8-Ball 05

So this drags us kicking and screaming into 2005. The world now resounds to the sound of the mighty Freedom V-twin, well, some of the world, anyway. “What we need”, cried the (potential) Victory buying public, “Is an entry level machine”, and so it came to pass that the 8-Ball appeared in these lands.

The people looked upon it and said “Hey cool bike!” The 8-Ball (a somewhat odd name, which is actually slang for an insane person in some parts of the UK) is a Vegas with most of the chrome and other shiny bits blacked out.

That doesn't mean that they've drunk too much, it just means the components are, er, well, black; black yokes, black handlebars, black fork tubes, black swingarm, black engine, plus a single seat: black.

Basic, simple, neat, effective, colour choice is kind a limited though (with custom exhausts).

The Hammer 05

So, if the 8-Ball is the entry level Victory, what's at the top of the tree?

That would be the V-100 Hammer, Sir. Any machine that sells out within a few days of launch must be a very special bike. The Hammer did, and it is.
Y'see a popular modification for the Freedom engine has been Victory's Stage II kit, this takes the standard 92cu-in, and bores it right out to 100 cu-in.

The Hammer

So, said the R&D department, what if we build a bike with the 100 cu-in engine as standard. You get 90bhp and 110 lbs-ft of torque; and we give it the most monstrous back tyre ever seen on a production motorcycle. That'll be 250mm or 10inch wide in real money. And now we stick a six-speed gearbox between the two. It would be the first power cruiser with a six-speed gearbox. These ‘what if's' became the Hammer, named after the original Victory test bed engine. More rubber meant a narrower drive belt; more power meant possible “Ping? What's that black snake in the road behind me, why aren't I moving ?” So the drive-belt was redesigned for the Hammer, and is now Kevlar reinforced and real narrow, (please note: this is not a bullet-proof drive-belt, so don't even try it!) The Brembo brakes fitted to Victorys from day one are doubled up on the front end of the V100, for the first time since the V92SC and the V92TC, in order to handle the extra power.

Fans of the bizarre will be pleased to know that Victory saw fit to resurrect AAARRGGHH! yellow for the Hammer. Fans of good taste will note that it's not a colour destined for the U.K. market. A tribal design is also available with the Indy Red or Toxic Green. This is not a machine for the shy and retiring type.

What a colour

Naturally too much still ain't enough, and a Stage III kit is available for the 100cc-in engine, which should see about 115bhp for the Hammer. A tie-in with S&S Performance looks like bearing fruit, in the form of a Stage IV kit; this is expected to be around 110cu-in, with power and torque figures to match.

That big back tyre is really going to earn its keep.

Written By Steve Wallis Jul 05

The Jackpot 06

A Hammer with a Vegas front end, painted frame, and new look headlight.

The Jackpot

All 06 models now have the new 100/6 engine except for the 8 ball that gets the 100 engine but with the 5 speed box


The Hammer S 07

A Hammer with custom paint work, red wheels looks great.

The Hammer S

The Vision 08

Concept picture


There are 2 models the Vision Street and Vision Tour.
There are to many changes to be listed here so please look at the Victory Vision site for the latest updates.
Delivery is quoted as Fall 07 we assume that this will be for the USA.

Vision Street      and    Vision Tour


Vision Tour


Vision Street


Vision Dash


Vision Tail

The Vegas low 08

Vegas with lowered seat for the ladies.

Victory moves in to Russia and Austrailia in 2008


10th Anniversary Victory Vision for 2009


The 10th Anniversary Vision


Hammer and Jackpot with the 106 for 2009

The Hammer and Jackpot now have the 106 engine with
stage 2 cams

The Kingpin Low for 2009

The Kingpin low out on the road with a Vegas low

These is also a new Kingpin 8 ball to go with the the Vegas 8 ball, nice if you like black


The Cross Roads and Cross Country for 2010

The Cross Roads and Cross Country added to the range
both with a 106/6 engine.

There is a 8 ball Hammer & Vision in the 2010 range, and all the uk 2010 models will be fitted with the 106/6 engine.


 106 Freedom Engine in all models for 2011

 Ness Cross Country

The 2011 engine comes in 2 versions with different cams there is a new transmisson for easier selection of neutral and now a 5000 mile oil change period, more extras for the cross range and ABS as standard on the Vision, along with
a new selection of colours for all model.


 The Victory High Ball 2012

High Ball

The High Ball was released in Jan 2011 for delivery in April 2011

The Cross Country Tour 2012

Cross Country Tour

The Cross Country Tour for delivery in Aug 2011

The Cross Roads Classic LE 2012

Cross Roads Classic LE

The Cross Roads Classic LE for delivery in Aug 2011

The Hard Ball 2012

Hard Ball

The Hard Ball for delivery in beginning 2012

The Victory Judge 2013

The Victory Judge 2013

The Judge for delivery in 2012, strange to have a 2013 model released in Jan 2012, looks like a replacement for the old V92SC model without the dual discs up front.

The Victory Gunner 2015

The Victory Gunner 2015
Released in Feb 2014 USA model only


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